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We primary focus on fish ecology, conservation and management, and using chemical tracers in different tissues to reconstruct the migration patterns, phenology, physiology and trophic ecology of vulnerable and commercial species. The resulting datasets provide unique insights into the behaviours and habitat needs of fish in natural settings, allowing us to better predict how climate change and other stressors will affect their evolution, productivity and resilience. We are currently performing projects focused on (1) the effect of different stressors (e.g. warming, habitat loss) and management actions on the migratory behaviour, growth and resilience of salmonids, (2) estimating the connectivity patterns and contribution rates of different nursery grounds to the adult stock for a variety of marine fishes, (3) combining genetic and otolith tools to explore the relationship between genotype and phenotype in salmonids, (4) exploring new tools to reconstruct hormone and contaminant histories and (5) modeling the influence of environmental and anthropogenic drivers on fish growth and health.
University of Essex
Joe Dawson (Research Assistant 2021-).
Lorna McKellar (MSc student 2021-)
Felix Astejada (BSc and Frontrunner 2021-22)
Lauren Bell (BSc 2021-22)
Joaquin Diaz Sanchez (BSc 2021-22)
Mike Bevins Cameron (Frontrunner 2022)

Ashmitha Jayachandran Mishma (Frontrunner 2022)
Katerina Schiffnederova (Frontrunner 2022)
Luke Harrison (MSc student 2020-21)
Lucy Smith (BSc 2020-21)
Nicole Grierson (BSc 2020-21)
Sophie Gibson (BSc 2020-21)

University of California Davis
Mollie Ogaz (Junior Specialist 2019-20)
Sage Lee (Junior Specialist 2019-20)
Laura Coleman (Junior Specialist 2018-20)
Sierra Schluep (Student Assistant 2018-19)
Bradyn O'Connor (Student Assistant 2018-19)
Amanda Gonzales (Student Assistant 2019)
Keiko Mertz (Junior Specialist 2017-19)
Pedro Morais (Postdoctoral fellow 2017-19)
Kelly Neal (Student Assistant and Junior Specialist 2016-20)
Dana Myers (Student Assistant 2016-18)
Krista Schmidt (Student Assistant 2016-19)
George Whitman (JJ Lab Manager 2015-)
Rachel Johnson (NOAA / UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences), Stephanie Carlson (UC Berkeley), Carson Jeffres (UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences), Karin Hussy (DTU), Karin Limburg (SUNY-ESF), Stefanie Haase (Thünen-Institut), Serena Wright (Cefas), Georg Engelhard (Cefas), Jim Ellis (Cefas), Clive Trueman (University of Southampton), Ewan Hunter (AFBI), Stephen Wing (University of Otago), Mariah Meek (Michigan State), Will Satterthwaite (NOAA), Corey Phillis (MWD), Ted Sommer (DWR), J.D. Wikert (USFWS), Flora Cordoleani (NMFS/UC Santa Cruz), Sebastien Nussle (Eawag - Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology), Malte Willmes (UC Davis), Hugh Sturrock (, Brett Harvey (DWR), Jason Hassrick (ICF), Steve Lindley (NOAA), Eoin O'Gorman (University of Essex), Tom Cameron (University of Essex), Boyd McKew (University of Essex), Michelle Taylor (University of Essex), Ben Ciotti (University of Plymouth), Audrey Darnaude (CNRS, France), Susanne Tanner (MARE, Portugal).
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